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Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Apna Virsa, Slough

Simon says local charity has the X Factor .

Community Ambassadors of Slough is a project which aims to develop over 100 older people from the South Asian community as ambassadors through a series of activities related to health, confidence building and employability. The project is supported by Apna Virsa, who attended The Health Lottery Tea Party at the Savoy Hotel in London, hosted by Simon Cowell.

The Health Lottery Tea Party celebrated groups and organisations in neighbourhoods across Great Britain that are helping to make where they live an even better place.

The day showcased the incredible work that thousands of local charities funded through The Health Lottery are doing to reduce health inequalities. The event also celebrated over £100 million being raised through The Health Lottery for good causes.

Community Ambassadors of Slough is funded by People’s Health Trust with money raised through The Health Lottery London West.

John Hume, Chief Executive of People’s Health Trust, said: “Thanks to players of The Health Lottery an incredible £100m has been raised for good causes.

“It was important to celebrate the amazing work local charities and community groups are doing in their neighbourhoods, which wouldn’t have been possible without this money.”

Apna Virsa was one of over fifty charities attending the Tea Party, along with other supporters of The Health Lottery.

Seema Kamboj, Project Co-ordinator from Apna Virsa, said: “We had so much fun at the Tea Party, It was great to meet other charities doing similar work. None of it would have been possible without support from The Health Lottery".


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